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Evolute Professional Services can help you reduce costs through improved resource optimization. We enable you to respond quickly to changes in business demands and meet service quality requirements.

Selective Outsourcing for IT operation

Rather than traditional long-term, large-scale outsourcing agreements, we provide an alternative for Selective Out-sourcing or Out-tasking of specific IT tasks. Focusing on managed services for server and storage infrastructures, our offerings allow businesses to do more without an increase in IT headcounts. Our customers use our services to augment their internal staff or to take over selected tasks from their employees who can then be redeployed for other tasks.

Key Benefits of Selective Outsourcing:
a€¢ Increase level of support without additional staff
a€¢ Gain access to a wide pool of advanced technical expertise
a€¢ Allow the organization to focus on its core business
a€¢ Enhance predictability of the IT budget
a€¢ Increase responsiveness and flexibility to changing requirements
a€¢ Reduce costs compared with traditional outsourcing
a€¢ Avoid pitfalls of complicated large and long-term outsourcing commitments

System Implementation

After choosing the best-of-breed hardware to run your business, you would want to exploit the advanced functionalities provided by the new infrastructure.
At times, you may also have to relocate some equipment to take advantage of a new data center facility or to consolidate your operation to reap benefits of economy of scale.
Evolute professional services for systems provide these specialized skills that your organizations may be lacking in, or may not be able to spare internally.
We help you to achieve greater efficiency and flexibility in running your IT operations. Our certified and experienced specialists will get your new server & storage solutions up and running with minimal disruption to your existing infrastructure.

a€¢ OS installation & hardening
a€¢ UNIX virtualization planning & implementation
a€¢ HA cluster planning & implementation
a€¢ Data protection implementation with NetBackup
a€¢ Data and systems migration service for server & storage
a€¢ Relocation of server & storage